About Us


Archie Bays

Carrie was my world growing up. She even took me to my first day of school EVER. When I was 8 years old my mom and I departed Phoenix for Michigan where I would stay for 21 years. One day she finally found my MySpace page and contacted me, and I was out to visit within a month. It was like not a single day had passed between us. The chemistry was STILL there and within 6 months I moved back to Arizona. Moving back was probably the best decision I think I have ever made for myself and I have never regretted a single moment of it. Except maybe how much I had to drink before/during the Queen Mary episode!


Carrie Hopper

I phoned Archie one drunk night with the brilliant idea to start a podcast about the paranormal. After I convinced him I was serious, History of a Haunting was born! I am a rare AZ native, die hard Star Wars, Disneyland, Wonder Woman, and all things paranormal fan. I am a champion of rescue dogs - I have 3: Chewbacca, Leia (sense a theme?), and Tater Tot (he is my mother's puppy, but I call him Baby Han Solo when my mom isn't around). I am also a staunch advocate for those with autism; my 18 year old son is on the spectrum. I live in AZ with my mom, son, and those 3 Rebel dogs.


Join us!

We take bad notes, can't do math, and words are hard. So grab a glass of wine, and settle in - we've got some famous, infamous, and almost famous locations to tell you about, and why they became terrifying places to visit!