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Check out this preview of The History Channel's documentary on Skinwalker Ranch airing on March 31st!

(Trailer courtesy of History Channel's YouTube page)

Check out this video caught by WGNO reporter Vanessa Bolano during a visit to the plantation!

(Video courtesy of Leo Tube's YouTube channel)

Check out this video of the purported ghost feet. What do you think? Ghostly kids or a reflection?

(Video courtesy of Daily Mail's YouTube channel)

Clip of possible shadow/apparition caught by TAPS for Ghost Hunters on SyFy

(video courtesy of Haunted or Not?'s YouTube channel)

1886 Crescent Springs Hotel - 2/15/20

Check out this news clip of the possible human remains found on the hotel's property.

(Video courtesy KOLR 10 News' YouTube page)

Apparition caught on a thermal camera by TAPS on Ghost Hunters on SyFy

(Video courtesy of TheParamormalVideo's YouTube Channel)

Hampton Court Palace - 2/1/20

CCTV video of a "Skeletor" looking apparition caught on the security video at the Palace. Baffled security guards, given this was the 2nd abnormality with the fire doors within a handful of nights.

(Courtesy Historic Royal Palace's YouTube channel)